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Related article: influence of fear, when he may perspire freely for a short time and thereby lose appreciably in weight. To revert for a moment to the chemical constituents of the food of the American 'varsity oarsman (and athlete) in training. The investigators remark that their analyses of food show a striking difference between the quantity of muscle and flesh-forming food consumed by the men in training and men following an ordinary way of life ; the former taking 45 per cent., or nearly half as much again. I90O.] 209 "Our Van." Goodwood. — Every meeting at which the classes are wont to fore- gather was visibly affected by the results of the war, but a series of misfortunes were specially reserved for Goodwood, as though to wreck it as far as possible. They were national misfortunes, and, as one of our national institutions, the Goodwood meeting had to share them, and I think it got rather more than its fair proportion. The Chinese troubles, coming before the South African campaign is over, did not tend to inspire people with the holiday spirit proper to the enjoyment of a society gather- ing; but with an absolute crash, as it were, came, one after the other, the assassination of the King of Italy, and the death of the second son of Her Majesty the Queen. The last-mentioned la- mented occurrence of course meant that there would be no royal party, nor, with one excep- tion, were there any royal horses running either; and it had been intended to run several. No race- goer needs to be told that the glories of Goodwood are not as resplendent as they were. One hoped almost against hope that things would revive. With the view of restoring the Goodwood Cup to something like its old importance its value has been doubled, and there was a general feeling in society that an effort should be made to keep up the fine old meeting. But every act and resolution was hopeless in the face of such a series of knock-down blows ; and, as though these were not sufficient, the weather broke down completely by way of making absolutely certain that nothing should be left undone that could help to mar the meeting. On the first day the weather was passably fine, and, all things considered, the attendance was as good as could have been anticipa- ted. After that matters went from bad to worse. Every day the rain poured, drenching the luncheon tables, which were about one-third fewer in number than usual, and d windled away day by day. People felt miserable and dull and did not strive to hide their feelings. One would not arrive at a correct view of the situation by taking this year as a standard. The imme- diate causes of the dulness and desolation were within the control of no one. So much being granted, it nevertheless remains that the progressive decay of the meeting, which needs no searching for, has been accelerated by more or less preventible causes, but these are best not mentioned here. It is quite in the best interests of the meeting to say this ; whilst every turf writer must, or should, take pride in upholding a time-honoured institution like Goodwood. Seeing that Goodwood is more than five miles from Chichester station, no race should be fixed for later than half-past four. A five o'clock race is rarely over before a quarter past, and, in the face of the blocks of traffic that unavoidably occur on the road, it is impossible to catch the earlier specials unless the last race is missed. Thus trains go away not half filled, whilst later ones are much overcrowded, the holders of inferior class tickets forcing their way into the first-class carriages with impunity. When so much opportunity presents itself to the average race-goer, who takes his racing as a relaxation from his professional or business cares, to race at his ease, he is not inclined to go through the many disagree- 2IO BAILY S MAGAZINE. [September ables attending four consecutive days' racing at Goodwood. The meeting will come to depend more and more upon the purely society element, and that is why every- thing should be done to make matters comfortable for that class. The good old adage of Let well alone does not apply here, for things are not well, and some remodelling of arrangements seem advisable, even if a reserve has to be created with an enhanced charge for admission. There is one class which always thoroughly enjoys the meeting, looking forward to it a long time ahead. This is the humbler class of resident within a radius of, say, twenty miles. These turn up each year with undiminished ardour and keenness for enjoyment. Goodwood is the only race meet- ing they know of. It is to them what Epsom is to the holiday- making cockney, who does not care Generic Carvedilol what the excuse is for the gathering of people. For there are the swings and other simple forms of amusement that still flourish away beyond the carriage enclosure, a quarter of a mile or more from the winning post. This is an element that may be relied upon to give Goodwood its sup- port for all time ; but it will not keep the meeting going. The by no means novel experi- ment of getting a road cheaply repaired was adopted of bestrew- ing a considerable portion of it with heavy gravel. By the end of the fourth day this had been ground in as by a roller, which was probably the end in view, but it does not seem to me a nice way of treating paying visitors to get them to play the part of steam roller. It is certainly cruel on the horses. The exception amongst the horses of the Prince of Wales that has been mentioned was Lucknow, who had become so great a favourite with the public, who thought him ** chucked in " for the Steward's Cup, that it was deemed but an act of justice to allow him to run, which he did in Marsh's colours. The handicapper never entertained any fear of Lucknow spoiling his handicap, and the Prince's horse ran precisely in accordance with